My D-Link Extender Is Not Working – What I Do?

Facing My Dlink Extender is not working problem?

Dlinkap.Local being one of the most popular brands still does not come with a guarantee that their routers and modems won’t face any technical issues.

When you face issues with your Dlinkap.local Setup, it becomes a necessary call to troubleshoot all those issues and sometimes the most common way to fix up the issue is resetting it.

Thus, what one can be sure of is the way one sets it up, because that in general solves a lot of problems.

Now, get started with its causes…..

Causes – Dlink Extender Is Not Working

This is the most common problem of Router. There could be various reasons behind when your Dlink Extender is not working.

  • Due to Overheating and power supply.
  • Incorrect IP Configuration
  • When your Firmware is not update
  • ISP problems
  • Due to wrong IP address or IP conflict

In case, you can’t login D-Link extender or have forgotten router password then you have the option reset the Router factory default.

Let’s understand the troubleshooting on Dlink Extender problems that will definitely help you fix the Extender problems.

Basic Troubleshooting to Fix Dlink Extender Suddenly stopped working:

Below are the basic solutions which help you to fix Dlink extender not working problems.

  • When you figure out that your Dlinlap.local suddenly stopped working then restart your Dlink modem and your Dlink Extender together.
  • Then, you further need to be sure about whether the cable that forms a connection between the modem and the router is perfectly connected or not.
  • In the next step try to connect the modem to your personal computer or your laptop using an Ethernet cable directly so as to confirm whether the modem is providing you the internet or not.
  • If you feel the internet is not working and you feel that there is a requirement to factory reset your router, then for that :

You need to locate the reset button on the rear end of your router and press it with the help of a thin pin or a paperclip for a couple of seconds. This will reset the router.

Ways to Fix Dlink Extender Not Responding

Trying to give advanced solutions to troubleshoot D-Link Extender is not working problem.

  • The first thing to do is to open up an Internet Browser on the device that you are using, say your laptop or your personal Computer.
  • Then locate the browser address bar and there you are required to type the default gateway IP address in the location bar  then press enter.
  • After pressing enter, you will be directed to the login page and there you need to enter the username and the password. Type admin as the username and may leave the password section field blank then press on Login.
  • Once you get logged in, you need to locate the setup wizard button and then tap on the launch Internet connection setup wizard button.
  • After that you can set up a new username and password depending on your choice but be sure to not keep it very simple or accessible.
  • You can further set the time and region and location according to your requirements and your country.
  • Further, you need to choose your web connection type. Prefer keeping in static. Then click on the copied personal computer MAC address.
  • After completing all these Steps you can save and store your settings by clicking on the save and connect option. Preceding that your router will restart itself and it will take some time.
  • Update your Firmware; Because updating Extender will help to fix bugs. After Firmware update, restart your Extender and see Internet is back and D-Link is working.
  • Let’s verify or check  if you have all the network cables and connections plugged into the proper Ports.

At last, I hope the above given solutions will help you to fix the D-Link Extender not working problem. In case, you find any trouble with Dlink Extender then please let us know through email or contact number 877-372-5666.

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