D- Link Extender Dropping Internet Connection- 2021 Solution

Did you Get D-Link Extender Dropping Internet Connection Issue?

If your issue relates to the above mentioned statement, then you are on the right page.

Here you can get the solution of D-Link Extender Dropping internet connection.

To get access to your Wi-Fi extender, you need the IP of your device, the username and password. You’ll find such information in the below Guide.

Generally, all the models of D-Link extender are smart and elegant in their own way. You can easily manage the settings and configuration of the D-Link Wi-Fi extenders. Here, we will discuss about the D-Link extender setup and login related topic. We will try to provide possible solutions to the D-Link extender login and set-up issues.

First you must understand that- why this error occur.

Causes of D-Link Extender Dropping Internet Connection

Read the below reasons of Dropping internet connection on D-Link extender occurs:

  • Check the hardwired configuration issue (such as a bad Ethernet cable)
  • Due to entering the wrong IP address is the reason of your problem
  • Might be issue with your IP address issue on the computer
  • Entering incorrect WI-FI Username or Password
  • Ensure that the problem with the wireless router itself
  • Your D-Link Wi-Fi extender has been lost the Internet Connection from Modem.
  • Due to overheating of D-Link extender.
  • Due to using of outdated and corrupted firmware of D-Link
  • Recent settings override
  • Wrong cable connection, firewall or antivirus software blocking internet
  • May you are using Wrong credential to Login D-Link extender. Local

Understand such Reasons and keep in your mind before starting the solution Part, because these reasons will be more helpful to resolve Internet issue on D-Link extender.

Troubleshooting To Fix D-Link Extender Dropping internet Connection issue

Here we will reveal all Troubleshooting tricks and steps about D-Link range extenders Internet drops issue.

Do the following steps carefully and resolve your problem by yourself without any helps of technicians.

  1. If you are find out your D-Link drops internet connection again and again then without thinking twice restart your D-Link Extender and try to resolve your problem in one step and D-Link Extender login
  2. Make sure that your Ethernet cable is correctly connected in between the modem and the router.
  3. After that, you need to connect the modem to your personal computer or your laptop with the help of Ethernet cable directly so as to confirm whether the modem is providing you the internet or not.
  4. In case you find out your internet is not working then you need the Factory Reset then, without any delay you reset your router and resolve the issue in one step.

In case after doing these simple steps, if you are facing internet dropping issue on D-Link extender then Go further and follow the instructions to resolve the error.

Advanced Fixes to Resolve Internet Connection issue on D-Link extender

Here we are going to explain some advanced solution that would be help to resolve Internet issue on D-Link extender. Here are the steps:

Check D-Link Router Settings-

To resolve D-Link Extender internet dropping issue then you need to check D-Link Router setting.

  • First of all, check that if you are connecting to the 5GHz network then try to connect the 2.4GHz network.
  • Also, check the router’s channel settings and verify these settings are set to auto.
  • If you are using Mac Address Filtering, network isolation or Wi-Fi Protect setup then turn them off first. Because these are not helpful to growth router security, in fact, they reason various problems.
  • Also, confirm that you have set wireless network mode as “Mixed”.

Note- If you have got confusion in D-Link router settings then don’t get worried just need to reset your router.

Factory Reset of D-Link Extender

Do the Following below steps to reset your D-Link extender:

  1. Confirm that, your D-Link range extender is powered on.
  2. Now, turn your D-Link range extender and find out the RESET button on the bottom.
  3. Next, by Using the paper clip or similar object, press and hold down the RESET button at least 10 seconds.
  4. By doing above steps, your range extender will begin to reboot and will perform a full factory reset.
  5. After that, try to D-Link Extender login

Restart your modem and Wi-Fi router

When D-Link Extender Dropping internet connection issue occurs on your own Wi-Fi network at home, you can also check the Wi-Fi itself to see if it’s your Wi-Fi issue, including the router issue, SSID broadcast and device meddling stated below.

Hopefully, this internet issue occurs by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) issue. So, you need to restart your modem and wireless router that would be helps you to reconnect your ISP.

  • First and foremost, unplug your wireless router and modem from power source (you can also try to configure with to remove the battery if your modem has a battery backup).
  • Wait till at least 30 seconds.
  • Now, plug your wireless router and modem back into power source again (put the battery back to the modem).
  • In Last, on your PC, reconnect to your Wi-Fi network, then see if it shows up.

Most probably with these troubleshooting steps you can resolve D-Link Extender Dropping internet connection issue easily. For more information regarding any type of D-Link extender issue or dlink.local login feel free to contact us.


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