Wi-Fi SSID Not Showing Up On D-Link Extender – Fixed

If you are trying to connect to the internet on your system but at that time a Wi-Fi SSID network not showing up


Unable to Detect D-Link Extender SSID Network

If your issue is the same as that we mentioned above two statements. IN this condition most of the users Frustrated and confused what to do further and how to fix it. 

But don’t need to worry about this!!! 

Because this is a very major issue your Wi-Fi SSID not showing up when you are trying to connect your device. 

Here we explain some solutions that will help to resolve your issue at once and resolve your issue by own. You don’t need to try every step; just try until everything’s working fine.

Let’s start the solution. 

Cause for ‘Wi-Fi SSID Not Showing Up’ Issues

Generally speaking, there are the numerous causes for this issue: 

  • Due to Wi-Fi problem
  • Might be connection problem is the reason of this issue
  • The issue arise due to incorrect Wi-Fi configuration in your Wi-Fi router and your computer
  • Maybe you are using outdated Wi-Fi driver 
  • Make sure, your router firmware is outdated 
  • Entered wrong Wi-Fi username and password 
  • May be D-Link Extender Setup not configure in proper manner 

Understand the above causes of issue and try to resolve your issue earlier. 

Start immediately solutions 

You can troubleshoot your Problem and solve it. Below Mentioned guideline helps you to resolve your issue. Just try all the steps as it is and get your connection back. 

First Simple Solution read and try to resolve your issue by them. 

Basic Troubleshooting- SSID is Not Displayed

Focus on below steps: 

  • Make sure, your wireless device is in the range of the Wi-Fi
  • Confirm that you have turned on the wireless switch on your computer
  • Position of the router in an ideal location
  • Ensure that the SSID of the D-Link extender is broadcasted
  • You have to change the wireless channel
  • Try to change the security mode or encryption method
  • Disconnect some devices from your router
  • Upgrade the driver of your wireless device
  • Update to a newer firmware
  • Try D-Link Extender Login again

Hope you can easily fix your Wi-Fi Network SSID not visible issue by doing these steps. If you are unable to detect D-Link Extender SSID Network by doing these steps. Then, don’t worry; we will explain some advanced and technical proven solutions for you. Make sure that would be more helpful for you and help you to fix your issue as soon as possible.

Note – Before you begin trying to fix your Wi-Fi SSID network not showing up issue, ensure that there is no problem with the device you are trying to connect. If the issue is your Wi-Fi network not showing up on your laptop, then try to fix this issue by changing your laptop setting.

For example, take a few minutes to confirm that everything on the computer is as it should be. Ensure that the Wi-Fi on the device is enabled.  If Wi-Fi on the device is disable then your Wi-Fi network is not showing up. Enable your Wi-Fi setting on your device and try to fix your issue in one step.   

Troubleshooting Wi-Fi SSID Not Showing Up Error 

Here is the comprehensive list for troubleshooting which if followed properly should make it more feasible and show all available Wi-Fi networks in your vicinity.

Check your Services Configuration


Do the following steps: 

  • First and foremost open your system and right-click on Start, and click Run.
  • After that, type services.msc in the empty field and click on OK.
  • Ensure that the following services are running, and the startup type is correctly set:
  1. Check that the “network Location Awareness”  (Automatic)
  2. Ensure that the “network List Service”  (Manual)
  3. Hopefully, the “Windows Event Log” (Automatic)
  4. Make sure. The :windows Update” (Manual)
  5. Further check that the “\WLAN AutoConfig” (Automatic)
  6. In last check the “Radio Management Service” (Manual)
  • After verifying all above mentioned steps and fixing the Service configuration, close the Services console.

Enable the Wi-Fi Service

This error occurs mostly, when your Windows disables the Wi-Fi service. You can’t connect to the Wi-Fi if your Windows OS disables it. So, try these steps to enable Wi-Fi service. They differentiate with two places you can check.

Step 1 – Enable the Wi-Fi service with the Wi-Fi switch

Most of the laptops like HP, Lenovo, Dell, have a switch or a key on your keyboard to turn on/off Wi-Fi (like Fn+F5). Check the switch or keys and turn on your Wi-Fi services. 

Step 2 – Check your Network Setting


If you have no Wi-Fi switch on your laptop or computer, you can check it in your system. Try the below steps to check network setting: 

  • First and foremost, Right click on the “Internet” icon, and click on “Open Network and Sharing Center”.
  • Now, Click on “Change adapter settings”.
  • Next, Right click on “Wi-Fi”, and click on Enable. 

Note: if your network setting is enabled already, you will see Disable when right click on Wi-Fi (also referred to Wireless Network Connection in different computers).

  • Lastly, Restart your Windows and reconnect to your Wi-Fi again.

Restart your Modem and Wi-Fi Router

When this issue occurs on your own Wi-Fi network at home, you can also check the Wi-Fi itself to see if it’s your Wi-Fi issue, including the router issue, SSID broadcast and device meddling mentioned below.

Most probably, this error occurs because of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) issue. You can restart your modem and wireless router that would help you to reconnect your ISP. 

  • First, unplug your wireless router and modem from the power source (you can also try to configure it to remove the battery if your modem has a battery backup).
  •  Wait till at least 30 seconds.
  • Now, plug your wireless router and modem back into the power source again (put the battery back to the modem).
  •  Last, on your PC, reconnect to your Wi-Fi network, then see if it shows up.

 Make Sure, after following these instructions and steps, you can resolve your unable to detect range extender network name. 

If you didn’t solve your issue buy the above steps then, you can try to resolve this issue by D-Link Wi-Fi Extender Login again. And, fix this issue in one step. 

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